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Reproducible Research with R Packages

  • 08 - 29 March 2023
  • Online
  • Methodology

In this workshop participants will take an R script, and turn it into a reusable, shareable R package.
This workshop will help you make your research reproducible, by taking your R script and turning it into a shareable package.

R packages are no more and no less than a standard way of structuring your work. The standardization makes packages easily installable and shareable, and allows others to reuse your code in a painless way, making your research more reproducible.

But by turning your script into a package you achieve more than reusability: in doing so, you become a better programmer. In the structure of a package, best software development practices are implemented. You will learn to write tests and documentation, and help your users get started with a vignette. At the end of this workshop, we aim to have made your code more robust, and your programming experience more enjoyable.

Note: This workshop is scheduled as four weekly sessions, giving you time in between meetings to apply the things you learn to your own code.

Who: The workshop is open and free to all researchers in the Netherlands at PhD candidate level and higher. We do not accept registrations by Master students. The workshop is aimed at PhD candidates and other researchers or research software engineers.