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Organisation and people

The SENSE organisation consists of a general board, a directorate or daily board, a research committee, an education committee, a PhD Council and a SENSE supporting office.

Management & Office

  • Caterina Marinetti (IVM-VU; A2 Coordinator, Executive secretary)
  • Johan Feenstra (WIMEK-WUR; Executive secretary)
  • Peter Vermeulen (WIMEK-WUR; Chair SENSE Education Committee)
  • Marjolijn Dannenburg(WIMEK-WUR; Communication Officer)
  • Anouk de Plaa (WIMEK-WUR; Member of SENSE Education and Training Team)

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Jampel Dell’Angelo (IVM-VU; General Director)
  • Caterina Marinetti (IVM-VU; executive secretary)
  • Johan Feenstra (WIMEK-WUR; executive secretary)

General Board

  • Chair: Prof. Dr Michael McClain (IHE Delft) / Prof. Dr Eddy Moors (IHE Delft)
  • Prof. Dr Wouter Botzen (IVM – VU)
  • Prof. Dr Petra Hellegers (WIMEK – WUR)
  • Prof. Dr Karin Pfeffer (ITC – University of Twente)
  • Prof. Dr Markus Berger (WMG – University of Twente)
  • Prof. Dr Klaus Hubacek (IREES – RUG)
  • Prof. Dr. Jetse Stoorvogel
  • Prof. Dr Majorie van Duursen (E&H – VU) & Prof. Dr Pim Leonards (E&H – VU)
  • Prof. Dr Jan Hendriks (ES – RUN)
  • Prof. Dr. Marko Hekkert (PBL)

Research Committee

The SENSE Research Committee is an advisory committee to the General Board of SENSE. It meets about two times per year, to discuss the coordination and organisation of discussion meetings, workshops, symposia and staff & PhD networks on relevant topics. The research committee especially focuses on the stimulation and support of the societal impact and outreach of PhD research. Composition: research coordinators of the SENSE institutions and representatives of the SENSE PhD council, supported by Dan Petrovics

Education Committee

The SENSE Education Committee is an advisory committee to the General Board of SENSE. It meets about two times per year, to discuss the general policy regarding the SENSE TSP requirements; coordination, organisation and tuning of educational and training activities, such as courses, summer schools, workshops, etc. Composition: PhD coordinators / PhD contact persons and PhD (council) representatives of all participating SENSE institutions, supported by Dan Petrovics.

PhD Council

The SENSE PhD Council (SPC) is an important body of ideas and advice within SENSE. The council consists of motivated PhD candidates from the different SENSE partner institutes. A representative of the SPC is always invited to meetings of the SENSE General Board (which consists of the directors of the SENSE partner institutes). Read more.

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