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Privacy statement SENSE

Who do we collect data from?

SENSE collects a number of data about PhD candidates and PhD graduates from SENSE partners as far as they are or were involved in SENSE.

For what purposes do we collect these data?

SENSE collects the data:

  1. To facilitate the network function of the SENSE network and enable you present your research project, announce your graduation, and to present your dissertation on the SENSE website.
  2. To include you in the mailing list of the monthly SENSE e-News
  3. To send you targeted information, for instance about courses that seem to fit your research field
  4. For policy purposes

What data do we collect?

The figures in brackets refer to the purpose for which we collect the data:

  • Your name (first name and family name) [1,2,3]
  • Email address [1,2,3]
  • URL LinkedIn profile [1,4]
  • Portrait picture [1]
  • Related SENSE partner [1,4]
  • Related chair group [1,4]
  • Promotor(s) [1,4]
  • Copromotor(s) [1,4]
  • Title research project [1,3,4]
  • Research start date [1,3,4]
  • Date stopped without graduation (if applicable) [1 (to remove research from website),4]
  • Research summary [1,3,4]
  • Research picture [1]
  • Dissertation title [1,4]
  • Graduation date and time [1,4]
  • Graduation location [1]
  • URL internet broadcast graduation [1]
  • Dissertation summary [1,4]
  • Link to more information about your dissertation [1]
  • Link to the full text of your dissertation [1]
  • Information about your future career [4]

What if you want to access your data or want them changed?

Please send a mail to

  • if you want to know which data we have registered about you,
  • if you want to make a change in your data,
  • if you want to have your data removed from the SENSE website, or
  • if you have a complaint about how SENSE processes your personal data.

If you want to unsubscribe from SENSE e-News, you can also use the unsubscribe link in the e-News.

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