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Training and Supervision Plan (TSP)

Each SENSE PhD candidate in SENSE develops an individual Training and Supervision Plan (TSP). This plan is tailor-made for your personal development to become an independent researcher in your field. Please fill out the TSP in close consultation with your supervisor. We advise you to submit your TSP within 3-6 months after the start of your PhD to your university/institute for approval. Every SENSE partner institute organises the evaluation and approval of the TSP in its own way.

IHE Delft

Please e-mail your TSP to the IHE Delft Graduate School for approval by the PhD Coordinator:
In case of changes after approval: please note that as long as changes are small, you do not have to ask approval for the updated versions of your TSP.
Download IHE TSP form (PDF)


Please submit your TSP for approval by uploading it on the VU Hora Finita.
ESD PhD coordinator: Mónica Sánchez-Román (
Download VU-ESD TSP form form (PDF)


IVM PhD candidates are informed about SENSE-related procedures by the IVM PhD Coordinator Paolo Scussolini (, upon starting their PhD. This information is included in the IVM PhD Guidelines document, which constitutes the reference for all aspects of PhD life at IVM.
No TSP form available for download.


Check this site for WIMEK specific procedures and the WIMEK TSP form. You can send the TSP form for approval to


You can send the TSP form for approval to
Download TSP form (PDF)

Adjustments after approval

The training and education plan is not fixed after approval. Please note that, in consultation with your supervisor(s), it is possible to change your TSP whenever you see (good) reason to do so. The plan can be adjusted to your preferences throughout your PhD research, as long as you make sure that you meet the overall requirements for the SENSE Diploma in the end.

TSP requirements

The TSP covers a minimum of 30 credits, using the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS; one credit is equivalent to a workload of 28 hours), including the following compulsory components:

  • SENSE A1 PhD introductory course – 2 ECTS
  • SENSE A2 project about research in context – 2-4 ECTS
  • Specialised PhD courses on content, methodology, or other research skills to improve your expertise of your research field – at least 2 ECTS
  • Oral presentation in which you present your research at an open international convention – at least 1 ECTS

You can add optional elements such as:

  • General skills courses for PhD candidates, e.g. on writing and presenting, information literacy, research ethic
  • Research skills training
  • Didactic skills training
  • Management skills training
  • Professional skills training, such as communication courses and career courses
  • Publications

There is a maximum credits per training activity. For detailed information see our overview of possible education and training activities and ECTS (in pdf).

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