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If you are a SENSE PhD candidate, you are encouraged to create a Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) and to apply for a SENSE Diploma when you successfully completed the SENSE PhD training programme. This programme provides training for PhD candidates to become qualified scientific researchers with strong developed competencies to:

  • Carry out scientific research independently and in a systematic and productive way
  • Present the results of research to an international audience
  • Contribute to an improved understanding of the causes, consequences and solutions of environmental issues
  • Position scientific research in a multidisciplinary context

You are a SENSE PhD when your supervisor is a professor at one of the SENSE partner organisations. If you are in doubt, please ask your supervisor if (s)he is a member of the SENSE Research School.

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We provide a disciplinary and multidisciplinary research programme aimed at advanced understanding of environmental problems and advanced training of PhD candidates in this field.
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Here you will find a selection of international events related to the socio-economic and natural sciences of the environment.
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