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R-Users meeting

  • 20 April 2022
  • 17:30-18:30
  • Hybrid: Wageningen Campus Lumen 1, and Teams
  • Methodology

Upcoming meeting 20 April 2022

On April 20, at 17:30, Antoine Languillaume is going to present about creating your own R packages. The meeting will be hybrid, on Teams and also in Lumen 1 on campus.

For a lot of R users writing an R package seems like a daunting and unattainable task. Anyway why bother doing that? “I am only doing simple analysis not writing a new {ggplot2}”.
Well NO!
There are incredible perks of writing R packages. It makes your code way more robust, saving you heaps of time in the longer run and allowing you to easily share your code with colleagues or the broader community. Package development is not a thing reserve to an elite of coding-over-the-weekend geeks. It is a task that can be rendered fairly mundane given the proper tools and a wee bit of initial guidance.
Antoine’s goal during this short talk will be to introduce you to the wonderful world of package development. For this purpose he will be using a tool called {fusen}.
Using this cool tool he will show you that: if you know how to create a Rmarkdown file, then you know how to build a package.

General information

The R Users Meeting is a monthly meeting for people working with R. PhD and MSc students, as well as staff members, both beginners as well as advanced R users are welcome. The meeting offers an opportunity to help each other with specific questions and exchange ideas. In each meeting a specific topic is discussed by demonstrating and discussing examples of R functions and example data. The second part of each meeting is reserved for short questions on R codes and offers opportunity to get advice on your R code and how to fix or improve it. The meetings are hands-on, so please try to run the code and prepare your questions prior to the meeting. Also, bring your laptop to the meeting. New group members are welcome and are kindly asked to contact us.

There is also an online meeting place where the participants can share problems and experiences additional to the monthly meeings: In the text you will find links to a few R scripts, R learning resources, a schedule of upcoming meetings, and the issue section where you can discuss your problems. You can visit everything; however to post or answer an issue, you have to create an account and log in.

For more information contact the R user group organizers (