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Plant-Soil Interaction Discussion group

  • 18 May 2021
  • 15:30-17:00
  • Online
  • Environmental Life Sciences

This month’s presentations

18 May 2021, 15.30-17.00:

  • Erne Blondeau: “Greenhouse gas production and shrinkage/swell mechanisms in cultivated peat soils
  • Paul Ravensbergen: “Effect of water availability on potato yield gap variability in the Netherlands

General information


The Plant and Soil Interactions discussion group offers a platform to discuss the current and cutting edge research in plant and soil science. Meetings are aimed at facilitating networking and collaboration between young scientists researching many aspects of how soil and plants interact. Topics of the meetings are related to plant and soil research and are chosen according to the current interests of the group, e.g. topics involving nutrient and carbon cycling, plant interactions with soil biota or connections between the above and belowground communities. Meetings have a varying format which is chosen to fit the topic: e.g. debate on experimental set ups and scientific methods used in plant and soil science, lectures and discussion with invited speakers, or critical review of current literature. We aim to create a place that facilitates the exchange of knowledge, experience and feedback between young researchers in plant and soil science. What do you want to discuss?

Update 2020-2021

The plant-soil interaction discussion group would like to start a series of online seminars. The aim is a small scale discussion platform with fellow PhD students and postdocs in the field of plant-soil interactions.

You can discuss your research proposal, get feedback on you experimental set-up, discuss preliminary data or share results from a recently accepted manuscript. A literature review or recently published paper that you think is interesting is also possible to present/discuss: anything you think is interesting and related to the topic.

Please let us know if you want to give a talk at one of these dates and stay tuned for more updates.

We like to create a community (we share our work or discuss other things like interesting papers, all related to the field of plant-soil interactions, but we expect attendance on a regular basis and contribution to the meetings). We feel this has added value, especially during this time with working a lot of from home. We have discovered that use a team within MS Teams is very handy (then meetings are automatically in the agenda’s, we can share documents etc). If you want to join this team/community, you can use this link: It probably does not work for people without a WUR address (we can add you manually – let us know!)



  • Plant-Soil Interactions Discussion Group