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Philosophy and Ethics of Food Science and Technology

  • 19 January - 23 February 2023
  • Six Thursday afternoons from 2:30 PM till 5:30 PM
  • unknown
  • Current and future career, Environmental (Bio)Technology, Methodology
  • 1.5 ECTS

Every year in January and February VLAG organises ‘Philosophy and Ethics of Food Science and Technology’ course. This initiative is based on the recommendation of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, VLAG scientists, and PhD candidates. This series of six Thursday afternoon sessions will include hands-on dealings with ethical, philosophical, and societal issues surrounding science. The discussion with the guest scientists from various VLAG disciplines is based upon relevant actual cases from the realm of food technology, biotechnology, nutrition and health.

The goal of this discussion series is to spark educated discussions on various facets of science and about the responsibilities of being a scientist.

Over the years this course has been developed in collaboartion with the following ethicists/philosophers: Prof. Frans Brom, Prof. Bart Gremmen, Prof. Michiel Korthals, Prof. Marcel Verweij, and Prof. Cor Van Der Weele.

Course outline (subject to minor changes)

  • Session 1: Introduction – Exploring participants ideals, ambitions, and dilemmas
  • Session 2: Knowledge and ignorance – Basics of science
  • Session 3: Science in public and private context
  • Session 4: Disruptive technology & innovation
  • Session 5: Science for a healthy society: How science is translated into policy
  • Session 6: Research integrity

Former occurrences of this course

27 Jan – 3 March 2022