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Intermediate Programming in R

  • 14 - 21 October 2024
  • tbd
  • Methodology
  • 1.2 ECTS


Extend the basic knowledge of R users by teaching them more advanced programming concepts and how to use R for more advanced problem solving, going beyond just statistics. This course is for participants who want to deepen their knowledge on R programming and be able to use R in their career to deal with any sort of data and analytics related challenges.


  • Introduction to control flow in R (conditional, count and branching loops) and when they are best used
  • Principles of functional programming in R
  • How to write efficient and fast-performing R code
  • Creating your own functions, understanding anonymous functions
  • Working with the file system (importing, transforming and combining multiple files)
  • Explore important R functions
  • Debugging R code
  • Benchmarking performance of R code

Former occurrences of this course

1-12 Dec 2023   |   11-21 Jan 2022

  • PE&RC and WIMEK, Wageningen University
  • To be determined
  • 24 participants
  • Introduction to R and R Studio workshop and ideally you have exposure to the tidyverse from our Tidy Data workshop