Institutions and Societal Transformation

  • 15 February - 08 March 2022
  • Wageningen University, Leeuwenborch
  • Social Sciences & Economics
  • 2.0 ECTS

The Interdisciplinary Window (IW) Institutions and Societal Transformation engages students with an integrative debate on the entanglement of institutional rigidity and societal transformation. It examines and compares theory-led research on the roles of institutions in addressing complex and persistent societal challenges. It uses ‘institution’ as a bridging concept in the social sciences and focuses on the development and merits of diverse institutional theories. Students learn how to position their interest in debates within or between distinct schools researching institutions and processes through which societies gain order or produce disorder.

Former occurrences of this course

1-21 June 2021   |   18 February – 5 March 2020   |   19 February – 15 March 2019   |   20 February – 13 March 2018