Good Practices in Research Software Development

  • 19 - 22 June 2023
  • 9:00-13:00
  • Online
  • Methodology

‘Good Practices in Research Software Development’ workshops introduce practices, tools and skills used in research software development.
The key objective of this workshop is to grow researchers’ software skills necessary to apply good practices that enable open and reproducible research. The workshop focuses on building modular, reusable, maintainable, sustainable, reproducible, testable, and robust software. The participants should be familiar with programming and regularly write code for their research, but no expertise is required.

This workshop is inspired by and based on CodeRefinery training materials.

Optional “Introduction to Git” on day one. To ensure all participants are familiar with the basics of version control and Git, we offer an optional “Introduction to version control with Git” session on day one of the workshop. Please take this 1-minute Quiz to self-assess your git knowledge. If you answered all questions correctly, you can join the workshop from day two onwards. Otherwise, you should join the “Introduction to Git” session on day one.

The workshop is based on the teaching style of the Carpentries, and learners will follow along while the instructors write the code on screen.