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Free online course on Governing the EU’s Climate and Energy Transition to a Low-carbon Society in Turbulent Times

  • 01 - 01 January 2050
  • Any time, online
  • Social Sciences & Economics

The new course, developed by Ólöf Söebech, Laura Iozzelli and Jana Gheuens, building on work created within the network, is open to anyone wishing to further develop their knowledge of EU climate and energy policy. In addition to being freely available, it is self-paced – meaning you can start it when you want and go at your own speed. Furthermore, while we recommend starting at the beginning and going through the material in the order provided, you can choose to complete the modules in the way you see fit. You are in charge of your learning experience in this course, and we provide you with (in addition to the sterling educational material) the framework, structure, guidelines, and support tools to guide your journey. While the course is open to everyone, it is particularly well suited for people with some prior knowledge of EU institutions and policy making and with a strong interest in European climate governance and policy.