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Natural resources and Conflict: Violence, Resistance and the State

  • 28 February - 09 March 2022
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  • Social Sciences & Economics
  • 4.0 ECTS

The extraction, exploitation, distribution and trade of natural resources continue to be a source of conflict worldwide, notwithstanding claims of inclusive and equitable development. This course helps PhD candidates unravel the multiple contradictions surrounding the access to natural resources, to overt and covert forms of violence involved, and the resistance this may generate. Specific attention is paid to the role of state power in shaping conflict. The course offers participants a solid theoretical basis to problematize the relation between natural resources and conflict.

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28 Febr – 9 March 2022   |   1-10 March 2021   |   9-18 Dec 2019   |   10-19 Dec 2018