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Advanced GIS analysis of the built and natural environment

  • 11 - 22 October 2021
  • Wageningen campus
  • Geosciences, Methodology, Social Sciences & Economics
  • 1.5 ECTS

Due to availability of many data source, analysis of the built and natural environment, such as cities, and its surrounding landscapes, GIS analysis has great potential to address issues related to ecosystem services, environmental justice and the Urban climate. Hence this course will focus on a. knowing which date is available and b) acquiring the GIS skills needed for the analysis of the available data, leading to data-article reports submitted to a scientific journal to make the analysis available for a wider scientific audience.

  • WIMEK, Wageningen University
  • 10-20 participants
  • The course is designed for PhD candidates, postdoctoral researchers, and junior or senior researchers interested in using geographic data in their scientific studies, among them urban planning, regional studies, urban and rural economics, energy studies, consumer behaviour, health, environmental justice, and landscape architecture.