Academic Publication and Presentation in the Social Sciences

  • 14 February - 10 March 2022
  • Leeuwenborch, Wageningen Campus
  • Communication & Societal Impact, Social Sciences & Economics
  • 4.0 ECTS

This course offers advanced instruction in the skills needed to successfully write and present an academic research paper, as well as in professionalization for an academic career more generally. Lessons will address the various stages of paper writing (outlines, abstracts, literature reviews, overall structure, writing style and strategies, submission for publication), conversion of papers into conference presentations; and understanding the academic career and job market. This course will focus specifically on writing in the social sciences and humanities, which have their particular structures and expectations commonly distinct from most natural science fields.

Former occurrences of this course
15 Febr – 11 March 2021   |   17 Febr – 12 March 2020   |   18 Febr – 14 March 2019   |   19 Febr – 16 March 2018