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Urban emission monitoring and verification: a webinar series for stakeholders

During the first three months of 2023 a three-part webinar series on urban emission monitoring and verification was organized in collaboration between several EU-funded projects. An overarching goal was to increase the development, sustainability, and support for in-situ data in the CO2 Monitoring & Verification Support (MVS) Capacity for Europe. The target audience was city stakeholders, and the series was designed in accordance with a first webinar broadly introducing the topic. The aim of the second webinar was to showcase ongoing scientific efforts in cities by inviting scientists in relevant projects (RI-URBANS, CoCO2, PAUL/ICOS Cities). The final webinar was broadcasted live from a PAUL project meeting with two keynote speakers invited to give presentations and participate in a following panel discussion. The panel included scientists from various fields, as well as a city stakeholder, to allow a full grasp of the complex topic of monitoring progress in climate action plans.
All the webinars were recorded and links to these can be found below:

The related projects are:


Ida Storm

PhD candidate Meteorology and Air Quality, Wageningen University


WCSG Conference 2024 Governing sustainability transformations

  • 16 - 17 October 2024
  • Hotel Wageningense Berg
  • Wageningen Centre of Sustainability Governance (WCSG)
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Aqua Nederland 2024

  • 19 - 22 March 2024
  • Evenementenhal Gorinchem
  • Wageningen Food & Biobased Research
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