Water quality variations and options for sustainable management in the Lake Tana Basin, Upper Blue Nile, Ethiopia

  • 27 October, 2015
  • 18 October, 2022
  • Wageningen University, Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management
  • prof. dr AA Koelmansprof. dr C Kroeze
  • dr ir JJM de Kleindr M Strokal

The phD project focuses to quantify seasonal export and retention of nutrients in Lake Tana watershed rivers, Upper Blue Nile, Ethiopia using global NEWS 2 model and to determine the critical nutrient load to Lake Tana and simulate the effect on Lake Tana ecosystem with PC Lake model. It also aims to evaluate the discrimination efficacy of fecal pollution indicators(E. coli, Enterococci, C.perfringens spores and genetic markers ) across altitude gradient and quantify the bacteriological quality of surface and ground water systems in the Lake Tana basin based on consensus parameters. Towards suggesting sustainable water quality management,treatment performance of natural wetland will be evaluated.


Goraw Yemer

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