Understanding black boxes: Deconstructing and contextualising models used for transboundary water governance

  • 1 October, 2020
  • Wageningen University, Water Resource Management

With increasing competition over water resources, there is a need for a consistent and transparent reporting of the distribution and use of water between sectors, countries and users to inform river basin planning. IHE Delft with its partners FAO and IWMI developed the Water Accounting Plus (WA+) framework to provide such information using various types of open access databases, including satellite remote sensing data. WA+ provides aggregated information at river basin level in a spatially and temporally distributed manner, while making explicit the water use associated with different land use types.

To generate reliable information to populate the water accounts, the WA+ toolbox will be further developed. The first phase identified several challenges which will be addressed in this phase. This includes reviewing the uncertainty of the input data and the impact on the WA+ results and how to communicate this to the users. Secondly the pixel and basin water balance (WB) models need more development and validation to effectively produce reliable accounts under various climatological conditions. Finally, more emphasis will be put to incorporate non-ET related water consumption (e.g Urban and Industry) and improving estimation of location specific demands.


Rozemarijn ter Horst

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