The implementation of hyperthermophilic anaerobic digestion of black water for one step production of fertilizers

  • 1 October, 2017
  • 8 April, 2022
  • Wageningen University, Environmental Technology
  • prof. dr CJN Buisman
  • M.H.A. van Eekert

Black water, the segregated fraction of domestic wastewater, contains the main fraction of organics and nutrients. These nutrients, NKP, can potentially play a key role in the world’s food production. The challenge in obtaining these nutrients is the presence of pathogens in black water. These pathogens need to be removed for the production of hygienically safe fertilizer. Anaerobic digestion at hyper-thermophilic conditions (70 °C) is suggested as simultaneous pasteurization and methane production process. In this PhD project, this process will be developed in terms of selection of inoculum, determination of reactor conditions, assessment of pathogen inactivation, unravelling of microbial kinetic pathways and efficient methods to recover the nutrients.


Merijn Moerland

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