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The Impact of Biofouling on Microplastic Transport

  • 1 July, 2023
  • Wageningen University, Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management
  • prof.dr. A.A. A.J.F. Hoitink
  • K.L. Waldschl√§gerM. Kooi

Microplastics are found across all aquatic environments. To understand the implications of their presence in the environment, we need to understand the fate of microplastics. Numerical models, which are a necessary tool to predict the fate of microplastics in the environment, consist of parametrizations of transport processes. This project evaluates the impact of biofouling on microplastic transport processes in rivers. I aim to determine the influence of biofouling on microplastic particle properties, vertical transport, and resuspension by experimentation. The results will be implemented in a fate model improving our predictive capabilities of fluvial microplastic transport.


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