The dependence on horizontal resolution of dynamical processes and spectral energetics in the simulation of atmospheric large scale dynamics in global general circulation models

  • 1 November, 2015
  • Wageningen University, Meteorology and Air Quality
  • prof. dr ir W Hazeleger
  • dr RJ Haarsma

Midlatitude atmospheric blocking anticyclones (blockings) are related to long lasting severe weather events, such as extreme temperatures and drought. Consequently, they play a major role in midlatitude climate variability. Until recently, global climate models underestimated the frequency and persistence of these blockings, a bias that can be eradicated by increasing the horizontal resolution of the models. We will study the role of horizontal resolution in a new generation of climate models to enhance understanding of the dynamics that are associated with blocking, in simulations and in the actual atmosphere. We will subsequently make process-based projections of Euro-Atlantic blocking for the next decades.


Remko Klaver

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