Technology integration for saline water treatment

  • 1 March, 2016
  • 16 February, 2022
  • Wageningen University, Environmental Technology
  • prof. dr HHM Rijnaarts
  • dr ir H Bruning

This project aims to study the integration of advanced oxidation (AOPs) using electrochemical oxidation (EO) process with newly developed nanofiltration membrane and wetlands technology as well as other existing technologies for the removal of additives and salts from cooling tower water. The research focuses on exploring the EO process as pre or post-treatment for the specific removal of recalcitrant organics in the presence of high salt concentration. The operating conditions, such as electrode material, current density, flow rate, and flow pattern, will be optimized for real field application. The EO process’s performance will be compared with other AOPs concerning the formation of chlorinated transformation products. This electrochemical oxidation process will be integrated with different technologies to lower the cost and reduce the toxic by-production formation. Moreover, technology trends concerning integrated technologies will be developed for real cases- organic wastewater in moderate saline conditions (DOW). The pilot study will be carried out for the DOW case. The expected outcome will be the scientific basis for the development of flexible, robust, and integrated technology for removing recalcitrant organic compounds from a wide range of (industrial) saline (waste) water for producing (re)usable water.


Pradip Saha

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