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Plant-Microbial Fuel Cell: Mechanistic characterization

  • 1 April, 2018
  • Wageningen University, Environmental Technology
  • prof. dr CJN Buisman
  • dr ir DPBTB Strik

The plant-microbial fuel cell is a novel technology that can produce electricity from living plants. The plant-microbial fuel cell concept does not emit net gaseous pollutants and can be applied in (constructed) wetlands without harming the ecosystem or altering its aesthetics. It can be used as biosensor to detect changes happening in the wetland or as power source, powering remote sensor- and transmission electronics. The system is generally buried underground. The (bio)(electro)chemical processes happening within the system are currently poorly understood and need to be researched before the Plant-microbial fuel cell can be used as a reliable sensor or power source.


Pim de Jager

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