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Multi-pollutant assessment of water quality and food production for agricultural green development in China: an integrated, multi-scale modelling approach

  • 1 September, 2019
  • Wageningen University, Water Systems and Global Change; in collaboration with China Agricultural University
  • prof. dr Carolien Kroezeprof. dr Fusuo Zhang
  • prof. dr Lin Madr Maryna Strokal

Food production often is a source of multiple pollutants in water. Examples are nutrients and pathogens causing eutrophication and waterborne diseases. Agricultural Green Development (AGD) is a promising solution for sustainable food production and clean water. This research aims to assess future AGD in China, in terms of sustainable food production and multiple pollutants in water systems at different scales (sub-basins, North China Plain, China, Global). A multi-pollutant model will be developed building on existing modelling approaches. This will be combined with scenario analysis, and a participatory approach to identify AGD options for reducing pollutants to waters from agriculture.


Yanan Li

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