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Multi-pollutant assessment and solutions for clean water in Three Gorges Reservoir area in China

  • 1 January, 2021
  • Wageningen University, Water Systems and Global Change
  • prof. dr C Kroezeprof. dr L Ma
  • dr ir N Hofstradr. X. Chen

This project will focus on 1) quantifying the flux of multi-pollutants from the typical cropping systems to the surface water in the Three Gorges Reservoir area, 2) establishing antibiotics and fungicides model and applying GloWPa and MARINA model for simulating multi-pollutants hotspots and concentrations in the Three Gorges reservoir area 3) evaluating the potentials of manure replacement technologies and multi-pollutants control technologies; and designing the agriculture-livestock scenarios with low environmental costs in the Three gorges reservoir area by introducing pollutants emission reduction technologies and policies. This project will provide theoretical support to the agricultural green development in the Three Gorges reservoir area.


Shiyang Li

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