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Morpho-dynamics of supply limited rivers with weirs: case study of the River Meuse

  • 1 February, 2020
  • Wageningen University, Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management
  • prof. dr ir AJF Hoitink
  • dr LA Melsendr E Mosselman

Preservation and restoration of sediment continuity and morphodynamics is one of the most relevant issues for river engineering and ecology. Insight in the sediment processes and the sediment balance is required for that.
Besides the various sources and sinks of sediment also the sediment transport processes in rivers are not completely understood. Sediment transport in so called “supply limited” systems cannot always be described in all circumstances with the well-known transport predictors.
Aim of the research is the development of knowledge on morphological systems like the Meuse River, being influenced by human activities for better understanding and development of these systems. Better understanding means a substantiated sediment balance and knowing the determining morphological processes in this supply limited river with strongly heterogeneous bed composition.
Develop a modelling approach to capture sediment balance and long term morphological response, as well as the uncertainties.
Four research questions are identified:
1.How can 1-D morphological models be simplified for efficient and accurate modelling?
2.What are main processes determining long-term bed level development?
3.How to improve morphological modelling taking into account uncertainties?
4.How do the methods developed perform in a real test case with regard to long-term morphological simulations and plan optimization?


Hermjan Barneveld

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