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Long-term process-based modelling of the morphology of estuaries

  • 1 February, 2012
  • IHE Delft, Coastal & Urban Risk & Resilience
  • J.A. Roelvink
  • Dr. M. van der Wegen

The research topic is the long-term modeling of the morphology of estuaries using process-based models. In scientific and engineering practice these kinds of models are commonly used nowadays since they are powerful tools to assess impacts, strategies or to gain knowledge. However the ability of these models to reproduce reality has had varying success.

In this research such a model is tested for a real morphological hindcast of the Western Scheldt estuary for decades and tested if such a model can be used at these long timescales. Further the sediment composition of these models has been limited to sand only, while in reality these systems are a mix of both sand and mud. Long-term runs using both fractions and their interaction have not been carried out yet and are part of this research.


Gerard Dam

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