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In operando and non-invasive characterization of Electroactive Biofilms with Magnetic Resonance techniques

  • 1 December, 2022
  • Wageningen University, BioNano Technology
  • prof.dr. A.H. A. ter Heijne
  • J.R. Krug MSc

Beautiful bugs: Recycling with bacteria
Recycling is important for increasing sustainability. Microbial fuel cells, bacteria which can clean wastewater and generate energy, are promising for this. Unfortunately, they suffer from getting more acidic when in operation, which decreases their efficiency. Currently much is unknown about this acidification since it can only be measured by destroying the bacteria. In this research, a method will be developed to measure the acidification without destroying the bacteria. This method will then be used to measure the causes and effects of the acidification. This will help develop a technology to help humanity towards a more sustainable future.


Paulien Sterken

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