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Global assessment of land use effects on heat stress

  • 15 November, 2020
  • Wageningen University, Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management
  • dr AJ Teuling

Land use is known to be important for climate at both regional and global scale. This project is intended to find out what effects land condition differences will influence local and worldwide climate. Moreover, impacts from land use on human society through climate change are also a focus of this project. A combination of observations, empirical climate models, and ensemble of coupled climate models, will be utilized in this project. We aim to quantify the sensitivity of heat and humidity fluxes to land use differences using observations from sites with different land covers or land management modes, in addition, coupled model ensembles will also be utilized to better understand the climatic and terrestrial processes worldwide underlying different land use modes. In addition, the compound stress of both dry and moist heat on human health, agriculture, and some other related societal factors will be investigated both from a local and global perspectives to inform governments to draw up or amend evidence-based policies. Geoengineering techniques including irrigation and land surface albedo modification will also be studied at a regional scale, which will benefit the future development and improvement of land use management measures to mitigate influences of heatwaves and droughts. This project will form a comprehensive picture of the human induced climate change through land use and give illuminations on the future development of approaches to dealing with climate change.


Jingwei Zhou

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