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Exploring learning approaches and competences for shaping effective change-agents in sustainable agriculture in Burundi

  • 15 December, 2019
  • Wageningen University, Soil Physics and Land Management
  • dr. H.J.A Biemans
  • dr ir CA Kesslerdr. W.M Ndayitwayeko

In a context of food insecurity and extreme poverty due to unsustainable agriculture practices, it is worldwide recognised that education can play an important role by shaping competent change-agents that will work for solving this sustainability challenge . It is under this perception that a module on Integrated Farm Planning (PIP) is introduced in vocational agriculture schools in Burundi in the attempt to solve the problem. This research intends to explore the learning approaches and competences relevant for shaping real change-agents for sustainable agriculture in Burundi. To achieve this objective, this research will combine review and empirical-based impact assessment approaches of a learning programme. The research will firstly identify key competences needed to be fostered in the context of Burundi. Secondly, in the view of PIP principles, the research will assess the extent to which current agricultural education is competence-based towards sustainable agriculture. Thirdly, the research will evaluate the impact of the PIP learning approach in terms of students’ competence development as well as their active role in the area of sustainable agriculture. By providing scientific evidences on how an effective learning approach contributes to shaping competent sustainability change-agents, findings of this study will contribute to shedding light on how education can play an important role in the efforts to achieve sustainable agriculture.


Jean Claude Nyamweru

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