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Exploring Agricultural Green Development (AGD) solutions and their
effectiveness by developing a new integrated approach for decision
support: A case study on environmental pollution control in Erhai Lake in
Yunnan Province

  • 25 September, 2023
  • Wageningen University, Environmental Systems Analysis
  • Prof.dr. C. Kroezedr. Z. Cui
  • dr. M. Strokaldr. M. Wang

Green Development aims to safeguard the environment and ecosystems without hindering economic development. In the field of agriculture, the focus of Green Development is to strike a balance between agricultural development and ecological conservation. In more detail, the Agricultural Green Development (AGD) project aims to provide clean water and promote green agriculture practices for food production through reintegrating crop and livestock production. Since the Nineteenth National People’s Congress established Green Development as the national strategy for sustainable development, there has been a surge in research and policies centered on this topic. However, the effectiveness of AGD solutions in reconciling food production and envionmnetal projection for the Erhai basin is still unclear. To address this issue, this research aims to develop a new integrated approach that evaluates the co-benefits and trade-offs of AGD solutions for clean water in Erhai Lake to support decision making.


Chen Zheng

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