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Evaluation of the environmental and economic impacts of waste management stakeholders in each stage of the waste management cycle

  • 1 October, 2023
  • Wageningen University, Environmental Technology
  • dr. H.P. Weikard
  • dr. W.S. Chen

Plastic packaging (PP) is a significant category of plastic due to its high production and disposal rates, environmental impacts, public health hazards, and economic consequences. Approximately 40% of the world’s plastics are used to store and package finished products. However, globally, only 14 – 18 % of the PP waste is recycled. This poses both an environmental and a resource recovery challenge. The research will examine Lima as a case study, as the fifth most populous city in Latin America faces solid waste management challenges common to many cities in the region. The study aims to simulate the impact of agent interventions to identify efficient and sustainable strategies for improving segregation, recycling, and recovery of municipal solid waste PP (MSWPP). The specific research questions are: (Q1) what are the existing components, processes, and dynamics of the MSWPP system in Lima?; (Q2) which agents need to change behavior and how to coordinate this behavioral change to enable more recycling options and improve the resource circularity?; (Q3) does the increase in recycled plastic packaging in the MSWPP system have any direct or indirect rebound effects? and (Q4) which recovery technologies and policy interventions are recommended in the MSWPP system to enhance sustainability and efficiency? The innovative aspects of the research lay in the life cycle tracing of MSWPP, the agent coordination analysis, and the study of the rebound effect of recycled plastic packaging material. The final goal is a practical MSWPP management proposal considering circularity to reduce landfilling and environmental leakage.


Dalia Carbonel

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