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Evaluating the impact of sustainable soil and land management on multi-pollutant control and mitigation in Erhai Basin

  • 30 October, 2023
  • Wageningen University, Soil Physics and Land Management
  • prof.dr. C.J. Ritsema
  • dr. L. Gaiprof. K. Wang

In the Erhai Lake Basin of Yunnan Province, green agriculture is being vigorously developed to mitigate local non-point source agricultural pollution, enhance agricultural output, and improve the quality of lake water bodies. Practice monitoring data have shown significant reductions in nitrogen and phosphorus emissions with this approach. Although green agriculture has altered pesticide application habits, there is still a lack of research on current pesticide usage, residues, and their impacts. Therefore, this study will focus on investigating local pesticide usage and soil residues. Through combining model analysis and field data surveys, the study aims to understand the migration and distribution of pesticides in local farmlands, providing scientific guidelines for pesticide use in the development of green agriculture in the Erhai Lake Basin.


Yuxiang Ren

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