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Environmental Sustainability of the Bangladeshi Shrimp Industry in the Context of Climate Change

  • 6 January, 2020
  • Wageningen University, Water Systems and Global Change
  • prof. dr F Ludwig
  • Dr. Nynke Hofstra

The shrimp industry is the second-largest export sector of Bangladesh and plays a significant role in the countries’ economy. The industry also supports around 6 million people’s livelihoods, especially in the disaster-prone areas, where extreme poverty exists. The southern part of Bangladesh is very suitable for shrimp farming. However, the industry is currently struggling in the international market. Environmental unsustainability is probably one of the major reasons for these struggles, as the industry has been accused of e.g. pollution, resources declination, and ecosystem degradation. Moreover, recently, climate change has also started to question the sustainability of this industry. Extreme events, such as cyclones, coastal flooding, sea level rise, and seasonal variation have become more frequent and/or more extreme in the recent past and have a serious impact on shrimp production. This study, therefore, intends to develop pathways, considering environmental concerns and climate change, to make the shrimp industry more sustainable and climate adaptive. The study will explore the water footprint of the shrimp industry for improved water management. The pollution loads will be identified to explore options for cleaner production. Then, future scenarios for the shrimp industry will be developed and analyzed . Finally, based on all these insights, climate adaptive sustainability pathways will be developed. This study will use mixed methodologies to address the complex climate and environmental problems of the shrimp industry. It is expected that the study result will help the policy making process by improved understanding of future pressures and identify policy options to make the shrimp industry sustainable and climate adaptive.


Abdullah Al Masud

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