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Engineering Micropollutant Biodegradation in Groundwater

  • 1 May, 2022
  • Wageningen University, Environmental Technology
  • dr. N.B. Sutton

The detection and increasing popularity of micropollutants (pesticides, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals) in groundwater has promoted the investigation of using microorganisms for their degradation. The microbial activity for micropollutants biodegradation depends on the availability of degradable DOC, electron acceptors, and nutrients. Groundwater is neither homogenous nor a stable system and these variations creates an array of niches for microbial activity.
Thus the aim of this project is the understand the impact of groundwater composition (Redox conditions, DOC quality, micropollutant concentration) and flow rate on microbial activity to identify the suitable conditions for micropollutant biodegradation. Lab scale studies will be done using anaerobic 2-D chamber setups to mimic the field conditions.
The project will provide fundamental understanding on the conditions that select for the microbial activity and micropollutant degradation.


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