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Dry deposition of NH3 above forest canopies

  • 8 November, 2023
  • Wageningen University, Meteorology and Air Quality
  • dr. M.C. van Zantenprof.dr. J. Vila-Guerau De Arellano
  • S. Rutledge-Jonker

Deposition of reactive nitrogen has caused environmental issues and more recently also societal unrest in the Netherlands. To advance our understanding of the problem and eventually support the political debate and policy decisions, the different involved deposition processes should be investigated. This PhD project focusses on exchange of NH3 over forest. Measuring NH3 exchange over forest has been proven difficult (due to instrumental and logistical difficulties) and such led to a scarcity in reliable datasets and subsequently less understanding of the involved processes compared to e.g. exchange over grass. Therefore, this PhD project will contribute to fill this data and knowledge gap. Different measurement techniques and methods will be carried out and evaluated, which integrated will provide new insights to the exchange processes. The goal is to create reliable, comprehensive and validated datasets and subsequently to analyse them to better understand the involved exchange processes. The datasets should eventually be suitable to validate/improve parameterizations/models of NH3 exchange processes.


Ewout Melman

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