Dam Re-operation for Implementing Environmental Flows

  • 1 September, 2018
  • IHE Delft, Land & Water Management; in cooperation with TU Delft
  • Prof.dr.J.H(Jill) Slinger (TuD MAS) der Zaag
  • Prof.dr. M.Mul

Dams have a history in which their great potential and benefits have often
come along with environmental degradation and social costs. What remains
unclear is to what extent dams can support both economic growth and
healthy ecosystems while avoiding undesirable social costs? Learning from
existing dams will provide opportunities to plan, operate and govern new
dams in a more equitable and sustainable manner for the river and delta
ecosystems and for the people who rely upon them. This research aims to
generate insights into how dams can be operated differently to support
healthy riverine habitats while providing sufficient water for economic
development. First a baseline will be established to understand how dams
have modified the flows of water, how they have been operated and
governed, how this has impacted different groups of people and the aquatic
ecosystems, and what attempts, if any, were made to revise operation
rules to mitigate certain undesirable impacts. Strategies for alternative
dam operations can then be developed that incorporate environmental
flows and the impact of those alternative strategies will be evaluated in
socioeconomic and environmental terms.


Afua Owusu

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