Continuous monitoring of oxychlorides through sensor data fusion

  • 1 April, 2019
  • Wageningen University, Mathematical and Statistical Methods
  • prof. dr ir KJ Keesman
  • dr ir RM Wagtervelddr ir M Mayer

Across the globe, electrochlorination is used to disinfect water. However, hazardous oxychlorides may form during this process. This project aims to estimate oxychloride formation via sensor data fusion. In contrast to traditional sensor technology, the concentrations are not measured directly. Instead, multiple sensors are used to measure parameters that give insight into the current state of the chlorine-based disinfectant production process, such as temperature, pH, ORP and conductivity. These sensors are widely available, affordable and robust. The technological challenge of this project is to deduce oxychloride concentrations from these indirect sensor data, and to do so as accurately as possible.


Edwin Ross

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