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Circular Bioplastics: Fermentation of Biodegradable Plastics Waste into New Plastics

  • 1 March, 2023
  • Wageningen University, Environmental Technology
  • C.J.N. Buisman
  • D.P.B.T.B. Strik

Plastic pollution in the environment is a growing worldwide problem. There is a plastic transition ongoing which includes an increase in the use of biodegradable plastic products. To foster a circular economy, such materials should be efficiently recycled. However, current plastics management strategies are, expect of a few cases, unable to handle biodegradable plastics sustainably. This project aims to convert biodegradable plastics into high-value intermediate chemicals through a carboxylate platform strategy. The experimental research can serve as the base to develop and implement biodegradable plastic recycling technologies.


Weishen Zeng

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