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Capturing local city characteristics in global disaster risk models

  • 3 August, 2020
  • VU University Amsterdam, Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM)
  • Prof. Philip Ward
  • Dr Elco Koks & Dr Hans de Moel

Climate extremes and disasters have been causing increasingly more losses on a global scale over the past decades. Urbanization is one of the drivers behind this as cities are growing pools of disaster-exposed elements. However, cities are not well represented in global disaster risk models. This thesis will therefore focus on gathering and harmonizing exposure and vulnerability data for cities, and subsequently on adding this information to global disaster risk models. This enables better comparison between cities on a global scale, whilst also potentially identifying cities with similar exposure/vulnerability profiles. In turn, this could lead to better substantiated disaster risk policies. Input from city officials, policy/decision makers, and urban pracitioners will be sought to ensure an applicable research output.


Tristian Stolte

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