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BENIGN (BluE and greeN Infrastructure desiGned to beat the urbaN heat)

  • 1 May, 2023
  • Wageningen University, Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning
  • prof.dr. S. Lenzholzer
  • dr. J.P. Antunes Granadeiro Cortesã A. Patuano

Urban heat has been widely acknowledged as a health hazard for urban populations. Green and blue infrastructure (GBI) can mitigate this hazard and promote better health outcomes. However, the cooling effects of GBI and their interactions with health are rarely studied. This research aims to develop GBI design guidelines contributing to improved health through cooling urban heat. These design guidelines will be generated and tested using a Research Through Design approach across three cities in the Netherlands. The research outcome will be a design toolbox assisting spatial practitioners with developing design schemes that can improve citizens’ health during heat waves.


Zahra Khosravipoor

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