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Assessment of national fertilizer and manure policies on food production, soil quality and environment in China

  • 1 September, 2021
  • Wageningen University, Environmental Systems Analysis
  • prof. dr ir W de Vries
  • dr GH RosDr. Q. ZhuDr Y Hou

The average manure-recycling ratio is lower than 40% in China, indicating that over half of the nutrients in manure are lost to the environment, leading to great pressure on the environmental quality. The aim of this study is to evaluate various spatial manure allocation strategies to optimise manure recycling in China. We focus on Quzhou city, consisting of six counties, as the study region, being a traditional livestock feeding city, in which manure of livestock and poultry has a big potential to be recycled. The study will focus on nutrient demands and availability at county level and approaches to optimise the manure recycling within counties and where needed, across counties based on the optimisation of both economic and environmental indicators.


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