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Assessing the potential of land restoration in delivering climate change adaptation in Senegal

  • 1 September, 2021
  • Wageningen University, Water Systems and Global Change
  • prof. dr F Ludwig

Senegal is a dryland country facing double threats of climate change and land degradation. At the same time, both threats interact with other stressors such as poverty to increase vulnerabilities of local communities and ecosystems. This is coupled with the fact that drylands are characterised by paradigms such as the intricate link between biophysical and human factors. Restoration is posited as a response that can address climate change and land degradation in a connected way. However, there are still considerable gaps on the effectiveness of restoration in meeting such objectives. This is due to factors such as the differences in understanding of restoration including on what is effective or successful restoration. This research seeks to interrogate the framings of restoration effectiveness, how effective restoration is evaluated and how this matches or mismatches with drylands communities needs and aspirations in the face of climate change. In doing so, it will also identify the gaps, barriers and opportunities for restoration in delivering climate change adaptation (CCA). The research combines methods including literature reviews in interrogating the framing of restoration effectiveness. Case studies will be used to test some of the evaluation frameworks of restoration and CCA and to interrogate the extent to which restoration and adaptation actions align with local community needs. Further, using back casting, we will outline future adaptation aspirations for local communities through restoration and outline pathways to get there.


Vivian Onyango

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