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A spatial quality framework to assist landscape transformations in agriculture and flood risk management

  • 15 April, 2021
  • Wageningen University, Landscape Architecture
  • dr dipl. ing. S Lenzhölzer
  • dr ing Sven Stremke

In the Netherlands substantial landscape interventions are required to meet spatial challenges such as circular agriculture, flood risk management, renewable energy, or urban development. As these landscape interventions need to be supported by society, they should be designed to contribute to ‘spatial quality’ (‘ruimtelijke kwaliteit’). However, consensus about criteria for ‘spatial quality’ is lacking, as well as knowledge about how these criteria should be interpreted for design interventions. This research therefore aims at creating criteria and design guidelines for ‘spatial quality’ of landscape design interventions that also respond to potentially diverging ideas about ‘spatial quality’ among different types of actors.


Michiel Bakx

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