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Sign the open letter Solar Geoengineering Non-Use Agreement

A global coalition of leading scientists is calling for an International Non-Use Agreement on Solar Geoengineering. They argue that solar geoengineering deployment cannot be fairly governed globally and poses unacceptable risk if implemented as a future climate policy option.

The group calls on fellow academics, civil society organizations and concerned individuals to sign an open letter to governments, the United Nations, and other actors to stop the development and potential use of planetary-scale solar geoengineering technologies. The initiative draws on an academic journal article published on Monday in WIREs Climate Change, co-authored by 16 scientists and initiators of this group, among which the SENSE researchers: Frank Biermann (UU), Jeroen Oomen (UU), Aarti Gupta (WU), Maarten A. Hajer (UU).

Read the background article: Solar geoengineering: The case for an international non-use agreement

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Pathways to Sustainability Conference 2024

  • 28 November 2024
  • Utrecht
  • Utrecht University
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2024 ESG Forum on ‘Re-imagining Earth System Governance in an Era of Polycrisis’

  • 14 - 18 October 2024
  • Online
  • Earth System Governance
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