Backpack Indoor Mobile Mapping System developed by Samer Karam (UT-ITC)

We have many large public buildings nowadays (like airports, hospitals, train stations). In order to navigate in such buildings, a digital map is needed, similar to Google Maps that became indispensable outdoors. One of our SENSE PhD candidates at the ITC Faculty at the University of Twente, Samer Karam, has developed a SLAM-based backpack mobile mapping system “ITC_Backpack” during his PhD research. The backpack system can access anywhere the operator can walk. It provides a map of the area in the shape of a LIDAR point cloud. Using such a mobile mapping system, mapping a building doesn’t require hours, but minutes. You can read all backpack related articles: and see some results:


Preconference “Co-creating sustainability science for impact: Integration of transdisciplinarity in research and education”

  • 13 June 2022
  • Wageningen Campus, Plus Ultra II
  • WIMEK, Wageningen University
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Game Hub – Design a place for serious games

  • 24 May 2022
  • Wageningen Campus
  • Wageningen University
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