Integrated assessment of land restoration impacts on the Chinese Loess Plateau

Hao Chen
25 November, 2021
Wageningen University, Soil Physics and Land Management
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Enablers of ambitious climate action: Challenges and opportunities to combine climate change and sustainable development

Gabriela Iacobuta
29 November, 2021
Wageningen University, Environmental Systems Analysis
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Marine deep oil spill: fate and biodegradation

Shokouh Rahsepar
1 December, 2021
Wageningen University, Environmental Technology
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Smart Grids the Human Scale: Investigating householder participation in the decentralization, digitalization and decarbonization of energy grids in the Netherlands

Robin Smale
2 December, 2021
Wageningen University, Environmental Policy
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Assessing the improvement in biological stability of drinking water treated by reverse osmosis and remineralisation

Mohaned Sousi
9 December, 2021
IHE Delft, Water Supply
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Alternative water resources for industry – Designing environmentally compatible regional supply networks

Joeri Willet
10 December, 2021
Wageningen University, Environmental Technology
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SMART detection and Real-time Learning in Water Distribution: An Integrated Data-Model Approach

Caspar Geelen
25 January, 2022
Wageningen University, Mathematical and Statistical Methods
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