The pathway towards agroecology: From promised land to ripening business

Vincent de Leijster
28 May, 2021
Utrecht University, Geosciences
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Investigating the effect of seasonal variations, expressed by moisture and temperature changes, on soil surface stability using proximal remote sensing

Irena Ymeti
27 May, 2021
University of Twente, Department of Earth Systems Analysis
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Evaluating and Monitoring Environmental Exposure to Pesticide Residues in the Lake Naivasha River Basin (Kenya)

Yasser Abassie
27 May, 2021
University of Twente, Department of Water Resources
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Platform innovation in urban mobility transitions. The case of platform enabled bike sharing

Arnoud van Waes
27 May, 2021
Utrecht University, Innovation Studies
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Integrated flood-related water quality and health risk assessment in urban areas. Case study: Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho city, Vietnam

Thi Thao Nguyen Huynh
13 May, 2021
IHE Delft, Flood Resilience
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Selective Ion Removal in Electrochemical Processes

Tania Mubita Zambrano
19 February, 2021
Wageningen University, Environmental Technology
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Potential impact of underwater released exhaust gas from innovative ships on the marine ecosystem

Yuzhu Wei
20 January, 2021
Wageningen University, Marine Animal Ecology
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Designing Agrometeorological Information Services in Ghana by Combining Local and Scientific Forecasting Knowledge

Talardia Gbangou
18 January, 2021
Wageningen University, Water Systems and Global Change
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Future Urban Energy Systems: Harnessing Demand Side Flexibility and Managing Data Uncertainty

Delaram Azari
3 July, 2020
Wageningen University, Environmental Technology
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Effects of changes in climate and land cover on Tanzanian nature-based tourism in national parks: How are tourist attractions affected?

Halima Hassan
2 July, 2019
Wageningen University, Environmental Systems Analysis
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