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The Rhythm of Rivers; On Dune Dynamics and Hydraulic Roughness

  • 8 May, 2024
  • 13:30
  • Wageningen University, Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management
  • A.J.F. Hoitink

The geometry of subaqueous bedforms in the fluvial-to-tidal transition zone are impacted by various environmental factors, such as the mixed bed sediment, flocculation of suspended sediment, and the strong currents. These factors, among others, cause the geometry of these bedforms to deviate from expected values based on literature. The details of the geometry of the bedforms is relevant for the interpretation of the sedimentary rock record, and for fairway depth maintenance. It is however not relevant for determination of large-scale roughness. For hydraulic modelling, focus should be on large-scale geometry instead for determination of the hydraulic roughness.


Sjoukje de Lange

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