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Socio-hydrological perspectives on drought; Cycles, narratives and prospects in semi-arid Brazil

  • 24 April, 2024
  • 16:00
  • Wageningen University, Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management
  • M.J. van der Ploeg
  • dr. L.A. P.R. van Oeldr. D.W. Walker

The realization that anthropogenic actions are causing changes in the Earth’s systems has raised questions about how humans are contributing to the emergence and propagation of droughts. This thesis enhances our understanding of the hole of the water-human interaction in the emergence and propagation of droughts. This research has shown that droughts can be understood as socio-hydrological phenomena resulting from complex interactions between human actions and the environment. Advocating for a definition emphasizing the human role in drought emergence, the thesis posits drought as an “exceptional period of water shortage experienced or caused by humans”. The findings of this thesis are in line with other studies that reinforce the inadequacy of traditional drought assessment and monitoring methods in the face of complex contemporary demands on water resources. To ensure future water security, it is imperative to re-evaluate the conventional approach to framing droughts.


Germano Gondim Ribeiro Neto

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